-We have a showroom of more than one thousand feet, a variety of wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs from different countries, and all wheelchairs must be strictly internationally certified. Light hand-held wheelchairs, multi-function hand-held wheelchairs, light electric wheelchairs, heavy-duty electric wheelchairs, Stair-climbing machine, standing wheelchair, high-back wheelchair and hospital wheelchair etc …

-We can provide professional guidance and advice for you to choose and recommend a suitable wheelchair.

-We also pay great attention to wheelchair maintenance support. We are the first company in Hong Kong to have a professional maintenance workshop. At the same time, we have signed maintenance agreements with many well-known wheelchair manufacturers to provide the first in the industry with professional maintenance accessories and machinery. The company also has a licensed master stationed in the workshop, which greatly reduces the waiting time for future maintenance of the product.

-In addition, our prices are transparent, the repair price is even labor and materials, and there are no hidden charges. In time, basic repairs are completed on the same day! No need to be the same as the repair process in the workshop. You need to make an appointment before returning to the factory or to the designated repair point. The time varies from two weeks to two months.